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I'm at home. I didn't sleep at all the night before last (well maybe 2 or 3 hours). I was dead tired. I went to the train station a few hours early and wasn't even first in line. (I hate when I'm not first!!) I had a wee sandwich and some juice at about 10am. I tried to watch Transformers on the train but I kept falling asleep so I eventually just listed to the Mighty Boosh radio show while I slept (always bizarre dreamwise).

Then when I got to Picton I was starving and we didn't eat until about 7pm. I ate so much I was sick. (Sadly, only one helping.) I can't eat even a 1/4 of what I used to. It's sad because I want to eat a little bit of everything buy my stomach isn't big enough. Oh man... As soon as I'm done this I'm DEF going to get foodyfood.

Then I had a bath with lots of oils and a bath bomb and soaps and hair conditioners from Lush. One of them left me ridiculously sparkly. It's like there was a sparkle in every pore and I glowed top from bottom. Very strange. I fell asleep around 9ish.

I woke up and heard a tv on in the kitchen. I thought maybe it was 6 and my dad was up. (I didn't have a clock.) So I wandered out and it was 3am. My dad's sleeping machine was broken or something so he was watching Mythbusters. We watched until about 4am. Then I crawled back into bed with Sandy and slept until 1pm. I haven't slept that much in forever. (At night anyway.)

Then I called Alysson and we talked about our puppies. Sandy hasn't left my side since I got here and I've been snuggling him nonstop. I missed my pupup sooo much. He's in bed with me right now. I forgot that he snores and it's only gotten worse with age, but it doesn't make it hard to sleep.