The test of any friendship is when you go through a rough time. A good friend will make attempts to reach out to you and hear about your problems and talk them through with you. The worst feeling, however, is when you suddenly realise that most of your friends aren't good friends. At the first instance of trouble they scamper off to their world of perfection and giggles with other people. I have a few good friends who have endured a few years of toil at my hands, but I have recieved my due comeuppance in the form of their problems. I guess my mistake in the past has been to treat everyone as a good friend. I have made a concious effort to remedy that recently. My efforts will probably be met with denial and avoidance. (Al, Keebs... You two are my gold star friends though, so no worries.) I guess I'm just mad that the second I'm not all bubblegum and sugardrops half of my 'friends' have hit the deck. True colours shine through I guess, and their colours are pink and candycorn orange.

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