I have found that I as I get a tad bit older (yeah, yeah, I'm still a baby, I know) my taste in men is changing significantly. In throughout highschool I seemed to be more into the big, dumb surfer type of guy. I loved the blondes. But now I seem to becoming more and more obsessed with predominately more 'tall dark and handsome'. (And oddly enough, rarely white guys.) However, pretty much any guy with an accent negates the entire physical attraction thing. A "g'day mate" or "blimey" is pretty much an all-access pass in my books. (Ahem, an "ola" is worth two "blimeys", if you catch my drift.) But perhaps I'm biased. The last Latino guy to hit on me at a bar practically brought me to full orgasm by telling me about the weather.

Like I said to my 'very special' friend in Mexico after our first amazing dance floor experience together:

Phew, I was beginning to think I was lesbian!

how beautiful...

sweet mother goddess

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