I have pulled a muscle in my lower back and I am feeling it babe. It is aching so much, and it's going down my leg aswell. (Not ciatic Sp?). I'm pretty sure it was because I barely pulled a stretch or 4 a day in Mexico, and now I'm jumping back into the old routine, probably building up lactic acid or whatever. Well, I'm going to have to build up that stretchiness again I guess.

I just watched Miami Ink for a few hours while I was doing some homework, and I am in love with those boys. They make my day. Unfortunately, as Alysson said earlier today, 'it gives me tattoo cravings'. I love to be drawn on. It's like getting a massage or my hair done or something. I think perhaps that I love these things because I'm craving physical contact. (Btw, I'm trying to upload some of her artwork from my phone right now. We'll see how it works.)

Well, I must head to bed. I came online with several notions in my head that I needed to get out into the world, but they seem to have all floated away out the end of my fingertips as I typed out more menial things (like aches and pains.)

I'm going to get those pictures online tonight, but I'm actually probably heading to bed very soon. Plus, I'm disturbing an ancient ladybug's slumber and I don't feel right about it. G'night loves.

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