I have decided once and for all, that I will only settle down (granted I do settle down) with a big, tall, macho Mexican man because HOT DAMN there were a lot of them down there. There is a profound difference between Mexican boys and Canadian/American boys... Mexican boys are bold and not shy in the slightest. They are rarely as skinny and pale as Canadian/American boys and they are romantic and sensual. Oh! And they are great dancers... and kissers... and other stuff.

Anyways, on my vacation, I went hiking through the Sierra Madre mountains, visited small villages, ate tortillas, swam in the ocean everyday, escaped enormous fish, cantered horses down the beach, fell in and out of love with beautiful men, ate wonderful food, drank glorious... ahem.. beverages, boogie boarded, off-roaded, volleyballed, was almost sold for two bottles of tequila and, Alysson's favourite, faced thee wrath o' Neptune!

And there it is in a nutshell. I'm not going to put pictures on my own photobucket cause it's so jam packed (i.e. I'm too lazy). I'm just going to wait until my mom puts them on her photobucket. (And I guarantee you she'll put practically every picture on there.).

I'll tell more stories as time goes on and I've gotten over them myself. I also have some hand written journal entries that I may scan onto the computer one day. Maybe even tonight... or tomorrow. Who knows? Neptune? (Yee took aweh meh skin yo deeeerty scoundrel, but you'll ne'er take m' diary! Ei put a weeee lock on it yeh bastard!)

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