For my philosophy ISU, which project should I choose, (I like both equally I think)?


Damn guys, I made a table. How weird is that? Anyways, I'm writing up my proposal tonight or tomorrow, so some input would rock... Totally, dude... (ette) whatever you are.

OH! Today in Law, we had to pretend to be monks and take a vow of silence for an entire class (pft, right), and we were all ushered into the library to read 'City of God' by St. Augustine by candlelight. Plus, they played Gregorian Chant, which, I don't care who you are, raises a titter or two. Then, all of a sudden, on the Gregorian Chant mix tape, some crazy light contemporary jazz came on, and we were all confused, and Meagan was like: What? Are we in an elevator now?
We all cracked up laughing, then she mimed an elevator and it was great. We were all laughing so hard. Then we went on about who would be Mother Superior and who would be whatever else is in the clergy... .... ... lol ... eunichs... I'm glad I don't have testicles- Wait! Neither do they! (Come to think of it, neither does Jack Layton, I think Harper keeps them in a velvet lined case, ready for him to juggle at his leisure to burn off the stress of being the biggest dick face in the nation... And also a vampire, bitches!

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