I just had a horrifying dream. What made it so horrifying is how real it seemed. It didn't have the conventions of normal nightmares. Sound, colour, physics were all normal (more or less). It was like I had been transported to another place, not like a dream. I could feel and hear and smell everything. I can remember strange details... which is strange.

It started out when I was shopping for a prom dress with a friend. (It might have been Marie actually) and I called my dad to come pick me up at the mall. My cell phone was dying though (in real life it was dying because I didn't charge it yesterday... very weird)and I didn't know if my dad was picking me up at 5 or 7 in front of a certain store. So we drove around in circles around this store waiting for my dad to pick me up. We joked around and stuff, and then for some reason, we were all parallel parking. And when it was my turn, I couldn't drive worth a damn (that always happens in my dreams. very werid also). And my mom and her friends were laughing at me. So I got mad and stormed off into this big department store type thing. I was surprised that it was open because it was dark outside. I wandered around the store looking for a bathroom I ended up in the chocolate section and there were piles of chocolate boxes stacked so high, I felt trapped for a minute, but then I saw an escape and did so. lol. Then I asked someone where the bathrooms were, and they pointed in a direction, towards the back of the store where there were those big industrial doors you see in grocery stores and stuff. So I went back there and found a set of stairs, I went up them and there were several doors. I opened one and it was like a hotel room. When I went back out I realized that all the employees lived up there. It was really freaky for some reason. Then when I was going back down the stairs (and there were way more stairs then when I went up) I looked out a window and saw a plane boarding or deplanning, (not sure which), and on every landing there was a young girl trying to get on tight pants. (The same girl on every landing). Then when I finally got to the first level, I asked one of the girls where the bathroom was, and she told me it was in the music section and pointed me in the right direction. When I had crossed over the aisle in the store, headed towards the music section, the store disappeared and I was standing on one side of a road. Behind me was a huge chain link fence and all around me was dust. The music section was now a small shack (hopefully a bathroom) on the other side of a dusty field with dead grass. There were soldiers standing all around cleaning their weapons and joking around and stuff. They didn't notice me. I went across the field to the shack where there was only one soldier, kind of standing watch on the other soldiers 100 or so feet away. I asked him where the bathroom was and gestured to the shack with his gun. I thanked him and started about finding an entrance. But just then all I heard was gun fire and huge explosions (granades maybe?) and I was terrifyed. I ducked behind a small dilapadated doghouse leaned up against the shack. I started crying because I was so scared. I was afraid someone was going to come shoot me, or throw a grenade in my direction. I covered my face with my arms and tried to be small. I was wearing a white tshirt and shorts, and they were covered with dust. I was so scared. The soldier came over to me and sat next to me. He smiled and put his headphones on me and blasted the music. I can't remember what song it was, but I could hear the blasts faintly behind the music. He had his hands over my ears and the headphones trying to block out a little bit more of the noise. After a few songs he took of the headphones and the explosions and gunfire was over. He banged on the shack and there were some soldiers in there saying stuff like: we're all clear and other soldiery type stuff. Then he told me I could go and to go across the street and turn left and run down the street until I came to his army's base. They'd get me home. But I had to run the whole way. So I ran and he stayed there. I ran as fast as I could across the field and the soldiers raised their guns at me, pointed them at my face and then they said: She can go, she's not one of them. But then one of the soldiers fired a bullet right past my face and started laughing. All the other soldiers laughed too. I started running along the road I ran and ran and ran but the fence was always on my right and the field was always on my left, like I was running on a treadmill. But then I came to a big white house (covered in dirt and dust of course) and there were a few soldiers standing outside it. They ran out to the road with their guns pointed in my face, they inspected me for a moment, and then lowered their guns. I guess it was the base, but I woke up just then, severely freaked out. It seemed so real. And when I think about it now, it seems like a memory of a real event. That's what is frightening me the most. I swear I could feel the wind when the bullet passed by my face, and I could feel the ground shaking when the explosions were happening and I could taste the dust coated in my mouth, the pressure from the nice soldier's hands pressing on my ears. It was very very terrifying. There weren't any monsters in it, but it was still so scary.

I woke up and went to the bathroom.

P.S. Someone told me that if someone describes to you a dream in detail, they are making it up, but this dream is definetly not made up. I just remember every second of it and wrote it down right when I woke up.

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