I've got an essay to type up tonight. It's prettymuch finished, I just need to flesh it out. I always find it difficult to right an essay that's about something that I've studied to death or I'm not interested in. Sometimes I enjoy learning about something and I enjoy having the knowledge in my head, but I dislike picking apart an event or a certain phrase or passage. That was not it's intention was it?

Anyways, besides ranting about an essay, I've got the flu and it's no fun at all. I've got to back to school tomorrow as March Break starts Friday and I need to get all my assignments, etc before then. I've also got to get well by Friday as my mother and I have pretty huge plans for the weekend that will take a tremendous amount of strength. I really don't know if I'm up for it. I really wish I had someone to unload on but I really hate talking to people about emotional stuff when it pertains to my own feelings. Sometimes I can just let go, but in this situation, I don't really want to talk to any of my close friends about it. They don't even know about the situation fully and I don't think they ever will. I don't think I'd much like to enlighten them either.

Today I had an apple cut up at around 9am. That seemed to stay down alright so I had a bit of plain rice for lunch.... But my body was a bit upset with that apparently. I had a few strawberries cut up in plain yogurt around 4pm and they seem fine so I'm going to try some more rice for supper. Unfortunately, I can't take anything for pain because I have to have a substantial amount in my stomache, and that doesn't seem to want to happen. A heating pack against my abs seems to work nicely though. I have to run to heat it up again every thirty minutes though.

We got back some pictures from Mexico today. We still have a roll or two to be developed, but these ones were lovely. I'm in the process of scanning them all and converting them to jpgs. It's tiresome and irritating, but I guess everything seems that way when you're ill. I'll post them once the've finished scanning. Why does scanning have to take so long? Shouldn't be as quick as taking a picture? I guess it's just to complicated a process for me to understand right now.

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