Finally, my whole life... I'll I've ever wanted was acceptance.... And now I have it...

Big news today! I got my acceptance letter to my dream university!!! University of Ottawa!! If all goes well, in the fall I will go into the Honours Bachelor of Social Sciences program with my Major being in Anthropology. I've also got a few scholarships from the school to help me out. Now I have to choose my residence and write letters and do all sorts of fun university related things.

P.S. Those things have recently included imitating the sound a kettle makes.

Today was pretty good, pretty lazy, besides the hour or so I was ready to kill my computer because of my online course. I'm a bit frustrated with it, but I decided to take a fresh perspective tomorrow, try to release my bitterness while I sleep. Annie and I played chess, and she won. But there wasn't really a surprise there. We had delicious perogies for supper and sour cream. I loved them. They were so yummy. I'm thinking of having some greatfruit soon as well because I've only eaten perogies today and I think I need a little fruit. I haven't been eating much of anything lately, but just because I'm not really hungry lately.

I read through some of the ersatz-Quentin Tarantino blog that was making such a fuss. Everyone believed it, even big whigs... That was brilliant. Then I started looking at celebrity blogs. If I ever become a celebrity, I'm just keeping this one. It will be cool. And I'll have "priority" comments so my real friends responses are kept and everyone else gets deleted or whatever. It will be so grande. But of course the suckiest part will be that whatever is put in the blog will be an equivalent of a press release or something, so whatever random shit I blurb out will become headline news or evidence in a court case. ("In your blog, Miss Stanley, you mentioned that you 'could just kill Tom Cruise', is that true?") It would be very frustrating giving everyone codenames, and even with the codenames, everyone would know the truth... But then it couldn't be used as evidence. lol.

Today I drew on my thigh with eyeliner out of boredom. I should be doing more homework. Annie and I are playing sims tonight. In fact, I think I will go do that now.

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