my thighs are so bruised and purple i'm tempted to post a picture.

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Last night I went to a friend's place for some beer and hockey. Very Canadian. Goodtimes. I came home this morning smelling like beer and cigarettes. It was disgusting. oh! I know that this might be tmi, but I got a bikini wax this morning, and now I'm all purple and bruised down there. It ached like hell, way more than normal! I think perhaps it was all in my head because my teeth were aching (they ache when it rains) and I had a wee hangover. Then again, maybe it was because it was a different girl than my normal waxer. She took her sweet ass time. With my normal girls, it's in and out in 2 minutes. Hardly any pain and suffering.

I had a soak in the bath for a good hour today, I had to refill with more hot water twice. It was so nice, I added salts and oils and the air and steam were so strong smelling that it hurt my head, but my skin is softer than ever now. I had to have a good soak to get the beer/cigarette smell off of me. It made the bruised region feel a bit better too, but it's still purple and sooore. Maybe I'll put some ice on it. Won't that be attractive- Sitting on the couch, legs spread with ice on my crotchal region?
( so damn cute )

So, my plans for the summer were originally to stay with Nana in town so I could work, but then my mum and I got to talking, and we came to the sick realization that Nana still thinks I'm 13, so there would be no beer and hockey with friends. Nana's place will be a last resort, but maybe I can stay with some friends or something in town.

Oh! Marie comes home tomorrow night! I'm making her a huge ass card! It's going to be so cute. Man, I miss her so much. Can't wait for her to be back in town. I'm sad that things didn't work out for her in Calgary though. I was really hoping she'd find a niche there. I'm proud of her for getting out there and trying it though. I hope she doesn't feel defeated in any way. I'm going to see her tomorrow night probably. She said she'd probably get in around 6 or 7, which is perfect because Annie has soccer from 6:30 to 8pm. She doesn't know who her coach is yet, but 2 fer' 2 told me that he was coaching her age group. God, wouldn't that be akward. I'm praying that doesn't happen.

Well, I'm going to make Marie's card! Maybe I also need an ibprofen or something for my aching head and teeth.

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