Alrighty. I have to finish this essay. It's about half way done, but it's sooo boring. I also have to study for my Latin quiz tomorrow. I wish I could take the pussy way out and drop it. I just dont want to lost the credit. Everyone just drops stuff if it's too hard or too challenging. I wish people could just finish what they started. You know, like soldier through it. I don't really know how this prof marks, but she doesn't seem too hard. I think I'm doing ok though. As long as she doesn't get bored or offended I'm okay.

Effing Maxis. I want the game in Effing Canada now!

EDIT: I should also add that I'm moving all my music files to my external harddrive so I wont be able to listen to iTunes for another 197 minutes. (It's already taken hours... there's a lot of music...) Anyway, it's going to suck trying to put all my music on iTunes again. *sigh* Oh well, I'll have more precious space....

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