Inspired by Mindy Ephron's blog Things I've Bought That I Love, I have compiled my own list of things that I absolutely LOVE.

1. Nexxtech FM Transmitter (USB & Battery Pack included)

Omg I ADORE this. The batteries last quite a while (two AAA's). When I'm in my room and want something louder than my laptop speakers, I just plug it into a USB port and crank my radio. I wonder if my neighbours can use the station...

2. Caryl Baker Moisture Complex Foundation (not available online)

"A water based, lightweight moisturizing foundation. For a polished finish, apply with a foundation brush. Helps protect the skin giving a smooth, satiny finish and a fresh natural glow. Good for all skin types!"

Look at that porcelain skin! (P.S. It's not very good as a cover up, so keep your skin healthy in the first place and just use this as a lovely... foundation.)

3. HP PSC 1610 All-in-One Printer, Scanner, Copier

Besides for me not knowing how any printer works really, I LOVE this thing. I love being able to scan my little notes for the day and I love being able to make really high quality photocopies. Plus, there are four types of memory card ports and a place to plug in the CAMERA THAT COMES WITH IT! (Note: Camera that comes with it sucks ass.) I also love the way that you can just pile crap on top of it when you get lazy... like an extra shelf or something.

4. Logitech QuickCam Communicate
I think everyone on my LJ hates this thing on account of me picspamming my "photoshoots"... God I love it. It's perched on top of my speaker in case I need some kind of spontaneous music video or series of about 9 gazillion pictures of myself. Comes with grippy/spiderlike stand and regular oval stand. When I lived at home, my dad had to turn it away from him because the "eye" bothered him.

5. Oxy Deep Pore Acne Medicated Cleansing Pads
I admit, the name is terrifying, but pretty much any one kind of the oxy pads are kick ass. I use them a few times a day. Just a wiped whenever I feel gross. Normally as soon as I wake up, when I get home from school/class, and before I go to bed.

6. Apple's 4 Gig iPod Nano
I'm not going to lie. I effing love it. I can't live without it. The headphones that come with it might as well be shit on a string, but besides that, there isn't really anything that bothers me about it. (Oh, maybe it's extreme predisposition to scratchiness, but I have a case thingi for it.)

Note: I have an older generation of Nano then what's on the website now. Both Annie and Meredith have a new generation of Nano and the only thing that seems radically different is the shiny back... I love the shiny back... ("I'm bring Shinyback... YEAH? You other pods don't know how to act... YEAH?")

7. Bulgari's Blu Notte Pour Femme(website is all flash, but it can be found under 'fragrances')
I love all the Bulgari scents, but this one is quite lovely. Top notes are iris and galanga. Middle note is vodka and base note is dark chocolate!! According to the website, it's olfactive family is "floral woody musk". (W that means.) The iris and chocolate really are a good combo. I can't leave home without walking through a spritz of this. This is really a very sexy/seducing scent. I would pretty much sleep with any woman who wore it.

8. The Sims 2
How could I have a list like this and not include my favourite PC game evaaar!?? It's funny, heartwarming, sad, and at times, creepy. It has aliens, zombies, vampire, werewolves, and sexy professors. (Everything that REAL life has!) Thanks to recent expansion packs, we have cars, pets, university, and even WEATHER! It's pretty queer friendly for the most part. I'm just mad that we haven't gotten horseback riding yet. Will there ever be a decent horseback riding game? NO

9. Dollar Store Eyelash Curler
Despite being from the Dollar Store in Rideau Centre, it cost me $2.99. That's still more than 50% cheaper than a no-name brand eyelash curler from Shopper's Drug Mart, and I cringe to think about how much "designer" eyelash curlers cost. This curler is pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me. I also picked up other great cosmetic stuff there too. (Makeup sponges, cotton balls, makeup brushes, make up remover.)

10. Hubba Bubba Max Bubble Gum
Omg. Where do I even begin. Meredith cleaned our her drawer and found a gazillion packs of this stuff and gave me like, five. I've been chewing and bubble blowing NONSTOP since she gave it to me. It's like a compulsion. Get this stuff awaaay from me!!! It is quite strong and resilient in the bubble department. Unfortunately, my jaw is quite pained from the insistent chomping. Bad Side: This morning I forgot I was wearing my glasses and... well... It didn't go so well.

I luv u.

P.S. Freakishly, this thing took me forever. I had to find decent pictures and links and stuff. Wow, I'm pathetic. I should do like, one product=one post or something, like Mindy does.

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