this morning I went and looked at kitties and adopted two cats. Not kittens, but pretty young. (About a year old.) Boris and Olivia. I have pictures of them, but I'm warning you that the cats and I have severe red/yellow eye and it's terrifying.

The shelter was an old farm house FULL of cats. It wasn't stinky or creepy or anything... Ok, a little creepy, but very adorable nonetheless. The kitchen was all old geriatric cats, the rest of the first floor was middle aged/adult cats and then the top floor was the younger cats. When I went up to the top floor, a wee tabby leaped from a bunk bed onto my shoulder as if saying: "I CHOOSE YOU" and then he just rode around on there until I pried him off my shoulder and put him down. It was quite adorable. And then he followed me around the rest of the rooms. Then when I sat down in the middle of the room, a little girl tabby climbed into my lap and looked up at me adoringly, sniffing my face and kneading my leg and purring loudly. These were Boris and Olivia. They look like siblings, but they aren't.

The Boris has landed.

I'm fallling!!

She's much prettier IRL. The flash made her look crazy. Notice the little caramel patch on her chin. Awww. P.S. She has kitty red eye. It's weird.

Olivia guarding her fluffy pink bed.

Olivia and Boris protecting me from other cats. (Olivia is licking her nose and Boris is on the other side rubbing my side while I play finger wiggly with the black cat.)

When I sat down, Boris climbed into my lap. I didn't move. He just did. It was adorable. And he was like: DON'T TOUCH MY HUMAN.

P.S. My red eye is terrifying, my hands are porky, and I'm not wearing any make up. Sorry about that.

They are staying at the shelter until mum picks them up to bring to me. I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control. AND I LIKE IT.

They are $50 each, and they are sterilized and have all their shots/regular vet check ups. It's a GREAT place to get kitties. When I know them long enough I'll give them each birthdays according to their personalities. (Like, if they are very Libra or very Capricorn or whatever.) It will be adorable.

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