Don't let them change you
Because you are far too fine
To warp in that way.

I'm right behind you RoRo! Also, Janette... very clever.

In a similar move to Rosie, I left my spot at Reitman's over schedule conflicts (I.E. They weren't giving me any hours and had me "oncall" all week.) I have moved to EB Games and think I'll be a lot happier there. Now I can wear my Yoshi/Mario shirts to work.

The weather is BEAUTIFUL here. A little humid and muggy, but I can get through it. I love just looking out my window and the beautiful world around me. It looks like something out of a movie and I can't believe that I live on this gorgeous planet. If someone told me tomorrow that I live in a dome where everything is kept perfect via computer, I wouldn't be surprised.

Today I watched the marathoners cross the finish line at city hall and this evening Meredith and I went for a walk through Confederation Park to Parliament and back through the market and up Rideau. It was beautiful and cool. (Well, still warm enough for me to wear a tank top and capris comfortably... but you know.)

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