I came home and almost tucked in to some Kraft Dinner, when my Aunt Kathy from Toronto calls. They are in town over at the Minto Place, so I met up with them. Little Jake desperately wanted some Micky Dees, so we went to the one on Bank and chowed down.

Then we went over to the Parliament Buildings for the light show but were about twenty minutes early. Kathy took a gazillion pictures and then we watched the light show. It's a short film about Canada's history and culture, etc. At the end Oh Canada comes on and it's sooo beautiful, I secretly teared up a bit. I don't think Meredith likes it, but it's because her heart is cold.

Uncle Richard is definitely one of my faves. A) He's hilarious B) He and I have the most random conversations.

Exhibit A:

*at the parliament buildings*

Richard: What is that music? Stompin Tom Connors? No, no... that's not it.
Me: I love the architecture here. So beautiful.
Richard: Who the hell is it. It will come to me.
Me: The doors, I loove the doors...
Richard: No, no... it's not The Doors.
Me: No. The actual doors. The architecture of them.
*a moment of silence passes*
Richard: If that gargoyle fell, it could kill a man. *sound effect with fist punching palm movement*

KD in my tum!
You never settle well there...
Yet I still eat you.

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