All in all, it was a wonderful birthday. And not just because I made Alexi dress up like a princess at work. (I had princess stuff for me to wear, but then he did too... Oh god, there was a little plastic pink purse and a wand and EVERYTHING!) Not just because I drank a giant girly drink and laughed like a fiend all night and got to witness a car accident (calm down, no one was hurt). For SOOO many reasons.

This was a great bday. (Annie made me this for my bday... she knows how I love Russ.)

Now I have to go to sleep because I work 9am to 3 tomorrow (9th day working straight) and then I have class from 4-5:30pm. I'm sick (I did catch whatever the lad had) and I'm tired, and goddamnit, I'm NOT shaving my legs tomorrow.

P.S. I am quitting EB Games... they want too much of me and I have school to think about. I'm going to miss videogames and all my nerdy friends sooo much, but school comes first.

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