A few awkward things that happened to me today that everyone missed:
  • My leg was caught on the babygate and I did two or three sad little hops on one leg to get over the gate.
  • While I was clearing out the bookshelf, I overestimated my stack-o-book holding ability and the middle one in the stack shot out and it was like when Gus in Cinderella tries to carry too many pieces of corn.
  • Found an old chocolate cake in the back of the fridge... ate some of it. Meredith has informed me that it is from before Xmas and I will likely vomit.
  • Tried to avoid a piece of black ice... hit another piece of it and slipped.
  • Made a small stickytack man to ride in my tiny toy racecar... played with it making gratuitous VROOM VROOM sounds!
  • Tasted some good smelling lipgloss... didn't taste good.
  • Sharpened lots and lots of pencils.
P.S. If you tried to pronounce "schmawkward" I applaud you.

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