Smello my dear fellows!

Firstly, before I forget, I've been working on a new painting. See it here!
Secondly, I got a new bedside table lamp and alarm clock! See them here!
Thirdly, I rearranged my dresser nook! See it here!
Lastly... we got a mirror ball for our apartment! WITNESS THE GLORY!

I friggin love my Fantasy Literature class. Except I have to read Lord of the Rings... the entire trilogy... by March 7th... and five other books before it... Anyway, to make myself more interested I bought a book of essays about Tolkien's stuff so I can sort of understand his mind and the time period and stuff. Also, Alysson, my mother, and Janet are all quite knowledgeable about the whole world and mythology it seems, so I hopefully won't have too hard a time. (For anyone that knows me, focusing on such a great quantity of work is quite difficult unless I'm entrapped. Unfortunately, LotR never quite entrapped me.)

There is a guy in the class who has a LotR map as his desktop background. I refuse to ask him for help because he is an insufferable, know-it-all, windbag. (He was in my philosophy class. He makes me want to shoot myself... The prof doesn't answer him anymore because she knows we will all be treated to a lecture of his own creation).

Anyway, here is my reading list for the course:
The Wind in the Willows
A Wizard of Earthsea
The Farthest Shore
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
The Voyage of the Dawn-Treader
The Last Battle
The Lord of the Rings

I have to write a short essay on each author (Grahame, Le Guin, Lewis, Macdonald, and Tolkien) and then a longer essay on one of the books. I think I will either do one of the Lewis books (obviously the easiest choice) or about the symbolism of the River and the Friend/Helper in Wind in the Willows. I'm not sure yet. I haven't read Lilith, the Earthsea/Farthest Shore yet, and LotR will be a bit much for me come term paper season.

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