Gah, thank god it's his last. I'm half-heartedly watching the last George W. Bush state of the union address. He's talking about stem cells and he said something scientific and I can't believe he got through it. There have been a bunch of standing ovation moments and enthusiastic fist-pumping.

Occasionally everyone will do a standing ovation but the people in the front aren't aware of what's going on behind them and they'll look back, see a gazillion people standing, and then they awkwardly jump up to catch the end of the ovation.

When he entered the room he did a lot of high five, signing autographs and kissing of cheeks. He is wearing a shitload of makeup, so I'm wondering if he got some lip gloss on anyone? He kissed an old man on the cheek. Perhaps that old man wiped off a big sloppy lipglossy Bush Jr. kiss? How strange.

He hasn't screwed up a bunch of words, he even got in an IRS joke (badumdum tsssss) but he did one time say "rebubblican" instead of "republican". ("I STAND FOR THE BUBBLE PARTY!") I wonder if it was really a mistake? Like maybe he and all his frat buddies (who have been doing Spartan like war cries after every point) were like: OMG! You have to say "rebubblican" at some point!

I think the camera guys are bored because the keep zooming in on people doing sudokus and falling asleep. Cheney keeps looking out into the crowd like a principal looking for someone not paying attention in assembly. They also show Obama and Clinton sharing occasional "Bitch, Plz" moments.

Gah! I missed a HXC standing ovulation on account of watching something silly on youtube. It was something about supporting the troops I think or how great Americans are.. something like that. Oh, over 20 000 troops are "coming home".

Merbear isn't home tonight so I can watch Jon Stewart and see what he's take on all this is.

Well I'm off to find a snack. Ta ta.

P.S. Olivia is snoring.
P.S.S. I'm reading Russell's book. He's such a nutcase. I love him.

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