Just for the record, drinking Jenga ROCKS my WORLD! WOOO! I haven't enjoyed a NYE like that for a looong time. I'd also like to add that I slept in the biggest bed in the whole world... OFFICIALLY. *le sigh* I wish I had a giant bed. Mine looks so dinky in comparison.

I waited forever for a 95 at Baseline today. I want to complain in the octranspo livejournal community but the losery drivers would rail me out. Anyway, my feet were soaking wet and my warmish wintery coat is still at my parents so I was cold and wet and sleepy. It was one of those temp 95s that is clearly from the 1800s and I felt sooo ill by the time I stumbled off the bus at Laurier. When I took off my shoes and pants and socks (all soaked through) my skin was bright red and cold midway up the shin. And my toes were red and puffy. And I couldn't feel them. Kind of frostnipped. I just put on some warm slippers and wiggled them around for a bit. (For anyone who doesn't live in Canada, never put frostbitten anything into hot water.)

Boris and Olivia are on CRACK on account of having another room to play in and me being home. Olivia wont leave my side and Boris keeps running up and leaving things around me. Just small items like bits of paper, q tips, and elastic bands.

Anyway, when I got home I cleaned up my room a bit. The cats had peed in a box and I salvaged what I could. It was upsetting. I salvaged some things and then stuck the box out on the roof. I'm feeling a bit ill. Perhaps it's because I need some food. I've been eating a ridiculous amount this week because my family eat like their getting ready to hibernate.

I also put up a poster on my door. Just to make it look less institutional. Sadly, while putting it up, my Wii elbow kicked in and I pretty much just had to let my arms hang limp for a few minutes. Now I have Wii elbow AND carpal tunnel. *sigh*

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