Firstly, the JKras interview on Conan made me laugh until I cried and will provide fodder for my giggles for years to come.

Also, I've been super busy with work and exams and term papers etc so I haven't really been updating so much. It's kind of crazy.

For my anthropology term paper I'm was observing non-verbal communication in a campus bar and I chose F&S stupidly. The first night we went was extremely busy because of the hockey game and our waitress was pretty nice. We got nachos and a couple pints and we got them quickly, she checked on us, etc. The second night the place was empty and I knew the waitress from high school so we go our stuff pretty quick but it was pretty disgusting. Tonight we went and waited for about 15 minutes and left. They didn't even bring us MENUS! I was so pissed. We just left without a word and headed for the Royal Oak which, even though screwed up my order (I asked for no bacon on my sandwhich) apologized profusely and gave me a free desert. Gah. I did get a lot of info about male bonding ritual, etc from the hockey night and awkward campus flirting. I got a lot of more normal pub interaction at Royal Oak (it was about 90% less gross. haha).

I know that every UOttawa student seems to like F&S but I find it really repulsive.

In other news, working at the hostel has been pretty good. It's weird to not work retail. I've worked a few night shifts and a few day shifts to get the hang of things. There are a few areas that creep me out and there are a few places in the hostel where I definetely feel paranoid, like I'm being watched. I also get creeped out watching the security cameras because sometimes you just see a little flash or something.

I've certainly met a lot of interesting people though.

In Sims News: I accidentally corrupted a bunch of stuff when I moved my GIANT legacy and all their offshoots to the new neighbourhood resulting in an intense lag which prevents me from playing. I had to delete my old neighbourhood (with my legacy inside it) and load a new neighbourhood. I'm trying not to think about how many hours are gone. -_-

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