Yesterday, besides not quite getting enough sleep, was pretty good. Meredith and I went to the chicken and rib cook off and it was GLORIOUS! I can't describe how amazing my chicken sandwich was. I want to go back today SO BAD. The smell enough was enough to faint. We met up with Kate and Amanda, jokingly referring to it as a double date. (Kate and I are the husbands and Amanda and Meredith are our wives. haha)

Then we went to the Honest Lawyer where there was some pretty decent live music. It wasn't very busy. The bouncer was sooo nice. All cute and smiley. There was a really really really drunk girl dancing in front of the band trying to seduce them. It was so bad it was funny. She was like stumbling around groping herself. She really got up in the guy's personal bubble and he amazingly continued singing and playing guitar. Our waitress told us that she was just here alone and very very drunk. And apparently she tried to order another drink and her boobs just fell right out of her top onto the bar. Needless to say adorable bouncer was like: time to go lady. She fought a bit and did some scratching and biting and punching. The bartender just gently lifted her and took her out of the bar. Afterward, he came by to talk to us and was like: Omg? Do I need a tetanus shot!?? It was so cute. He wanted us to come back tonight but I have to work. Boo. We tipped majorly because the waitress and bouncer had to put up with that crazy woman while still serving us really well.

When I got home I noticed the picture of my grandmother and I on my dresser had fallen on the floor and the frame had popped open. In the frame there was $40 hidden!! Rejoice! I think I'm going to grab breakfast with it.

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Doctor Smoke said...

I once had mind-numbingly good chicken at a wedding reception once. fist-licking good.

the bouncer doesn't need a tetanus shot. He's doomed, he was bit by a zombie.

40 dollars? in a photo frame?

L. said...

oh my god,
I thought I was so incredibly original hiding all my monies in my picture frames... damn.... oh well, when you come to visit you know where the slush fund is!

Amanda said...

SLUSH FUND! A fund! Just for SLUSH!? haha