Oh man. This is my favourite guy in the running for the new Doctor.

The Beeb is pretty conservative so who knows if they'd go for a black guy. Seriously though, he has that Doctory look to him. Then if his daughter comes into the mix people can be like: "um... wait..."

In other news a creepy French business man tried to bribe me to get the keys into the hostel to take like 12 of his friends. It was so sketch. He was like "What if $50 bucks from your dear Uncle Frank was in it for you?" and I said: "Still no..." It was so alarming. YOU ARE NOT MY UNCLE! AND EVEN THEN I WOULDN'T CALL YOU UNCLE BECAUSE YOU ARE CREEPY AND YOU'D LIKELY BE ESTRANGED FROM MY WHOLE FAMILY!


I hope tries something drastic to get into the hostel before realizing that its a prison and he can really do nothing to get in short of getting the code off someone. Even then, I guard the only door and have cameras everywhere. I'm like the controller BITCHES!

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