People complain about their moms on facebook and getting into technology. Personally, I don't only want a techno-mom but a techno-grandma! I make every attempt to get my matriarchal elders into this new world. My mom has a Zune and Facebook and trolls Livejournal for fanfiction. My nana has Skype and Facebook and a kick ass Mac Desktop. Seriously, Nana has her "25 Things About Me" all written up. (She needs a little help making a facebook note, but you know, its progress.)

My dad has two laptops and is an electrical engineer but he needs just as much help as my mom nowadays. Part of their dining table configuration next to the salt and pepper is a Mini Crumb Vacuuming Robot.

They can't seek and download stuff like movies, music, etc themselves but my little sister (16) is slowly introducing him to the free open source software world with firefox and clam antivirus, VLC, etc and he's astounded at the amount of freeware in the world.

I took the picture of my mom with her Zune while she was loading the dishwasher. I said: "Show me your Zune," and she yelled, "WHAT?" because she had her headphones in and doesn't realize that I can hear her but she can't hear me. Noob.

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