This St. Pat's started out horribly. (None of our friends wanting anything to do with us.) I felt really dejected and depressed. But Meredith and I decided to have fun on our own. We had little appetizers and cocktails and watched dancing movies (Flashdance and Footloose) and then we did lots of dancing ourselves. Then we went to the diner. When I say "went" I mean "footloosed" to the diner. It was so fun. Just footloosing the whole way there. And everyone was just like: "We're all crazy drunk!!" But I wasn't crazy drunk. Just happy and feeling excellent from dancing.

I got an excellent Western Omelette (no ham) on some whole wheat toast. It came with french fries which I didn't eat so I got it to go. I was footloosing down the street and in the Byward Market building there were these two older homeless guys who cheered me on and asked me for change. I didn't have any but I asked if they would like my french fries and they were like: "Sure!" so I gave them my french fries and danced onwards. They called me Sweetheart which I love. I got a bit tired halfway home (going up the hill footloosing is harder than going down the hill footloosing).

We started watching the Birdcage when we got home but were too tired. So we're just going to sleep in and watch it in the morning.

In light of how wonderful and liberating my dancing felt tonight I decided to post some clips of my favourite all time dancing scenes!!!

Everything in Strictly Ballroom

Yul Brenner in The King and I

Teaching Willard to Dance (Footloose)

P.S. Christopher Penn, John Lithgow, and Dianne Weist(sp?) won my heart in this movie. Chris Penn especially. Look at him learning to dance!!!! His solo at the end just melts my heart.

Shall We ダンス

I couldn't find any of the good dancing scenes from this movie, but its essentially about a stuffy business man learning to ballroom dance. It's one of my favourites. I'm attempting to find the whole movie online somewhere. It's not really a movie about ballroom dancing as much as it is a movie about self expression. It's beautiful! I also defy anyone to not be charmed by a significantly younger Kôji Yakusho.

P.S. This all reminds me of staying up late with Joel in a Czech hotel watching scary ballroom dance competitions. haha.

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