Dear lord. This women's studies prof will be the end of me. She is such an idiot. Tell me... how the hell is "The L Word" an accurate representation of the lesbot community? ITS NOT! "OMG! LETS HAVE SEX AND BE CURATORS!" Also, I like how to be bisexual on that show its like you had to drain a baby of its blood and use it as bathwater or something.

Now, during the rest of this class's ridiculous conversation about how "empowering" this glorified soap opera is, I'm just going to check out interior design websites.

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Stuart and Mari said...

Is your professor from a different generation than you? I ask, as even though I have not seen "The L Word",
when I was growing up the word Lesbian was associated with harsh, cold, bull-dyke type women and I very rarely heard it. If I did it was a "I think she's a lesbian", quietly whispered in someone's ear about the short haired tennis player on TV. Boys literally throw the word "fag" about in a casual way in the locker rooms, "Don't be such a fag you dick wad"...was probably said in some way every day, but "lesbian" just did not have the same ring to it. It was a shameful word.
Now, the world is different, and the older generation (ie me) may still be holding onto the shame of that word whereas the younger generation (you) have a maturity that we did not, therefore having no shameful associaton with sexuality.