Hi y’all! It behoves me to inform you that I am at the Laundromat. I thought, hmm, what better place to write from!? I’m stuck here for at least an hour with nothing but my thoughts and about a dozen washing machines. The laundry was getting a little ridiculous and the amount of hand washing I was doing indicated it was time to actually buy a roll of loonies and get it all done. Joel has this oversized duffel bag that converts to a backpack. It holds EVERYTHING (besides towels, that’s another day). I’m thinking today I will do clothes and tomorrow I’ll do towels and linens. (I have two mornings off and don’t work until 4pm).

The small European woman was very shocked at my appearance. I’m wearing polka dot tights (only knee length) and a green plaid summer dress- but on my back I have this giant black mass. I essentially look like a giant Beetle walking down the sidewalk. “Why you do so much laundry!!” she demanded. I felt silly and embarrassed that I had left my laundry this long. I, ever quick on my feet, said that I have a roommate who pays me to do their laundry too. She seemed satisfied with that. I will have to keep up with this lie for the rest of my life as long as I know the Laundromat Lady. I think eventually in my “story” this other roommate will move out. (I would say it’s Joel but I had no boy clothes in my bag). Oh the tangled web of lies I spin to save myself from humiliation. Oh man, she’s making some kind of garlicky soup on a hot plate in the convenience store part. JEALOUS. When I got here, I realized I forgot my soap. (As I write, it is sitting out in little perfectly portioned hotel shampoo bottles on my coffee table. I thought I was so clever...); luckily there is the store in the back of the Laundromat. For two of those tide soaps (I split them in half) and a coke it was $3.15. Hmm... My father is deathly allergic to Tide soap so I will just have to never speak to him again. This is upsetting. We like to fail at fishing together and watch McHale’s Navy.

Let me paint you a scene: Wood panelling and drywall... Lime green and yellow floral print chairs, wooden benches and TONS of plants. The Maytags look fairly recent (some even take LOONIES) but the washers are ANCIENT looking. They are built into the wall so it’s safe to assume they’ve been here as long as this building. I’m going to attempt to paparazzo a cell phone picture without arousing suspicion, but the old lady is sneaky... I’ll have to think of a new lie to save myself from having to explain blogs and the internet. I just put in my dryer loads. They only take quarters... how long ago were loonies introduced? These dryers are at least before then. They are silent and efficient killers.

I’m typing up this blog in a word document because a) it looks like I’m working, b) it spell/grammar checks for me and c) because the stolen internet here is crap. AIM and MSN are working but browsing is at a slow crawl. Nobody is online either so its not like its a huge loss. Besides writing, I’m editing pictures of my cats (sigh) and taking in the blast from the past that is this Laundromat.

P.S. There is 100 points and a cookie for Ottawans who can correctly identify this specific Laundromat.

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Stuart and Mari said...

The dryers...oh dear...they do look pretty old.

Amanda said...

Well, they are silent and efficient... KILLERS!