Woo! I feel slightly accomplished today for getting my to-do list done before 4pm!
This was my grocery list:
  • skim milk (they were out, I got 1%)
  • bread
  • eggs
  • feta
  • spinach
  • triscuits
  • avocado
  • Riesling
Does this grocery list mean I have no personality? I got Rosemary triscuits? Does that add some spice? My cats have cool names! I'M ONLY TWENTY AND I'M SUPER COOL DAMNIT!

Tonight is date night with Joel as we both have the evening off. We are going to make feta-spinach-turkey burgers and salad and then afterwards we're going to go to the movies. Our anniversary is looming and we are thinking about investing in the Wall-E dvd as it was the first movie we went to together... I believe we also went to Zak's and Joel got the Tex-Mex burger and I got something with guacamole.

We really need this date night. We've been both been working so much that when we are together we normally have to discuss things like work, cleaning arrangements, bills, etc and we haven't had fun for some time. I feel like a lot of it is mainly my problem because I'm so anal and he's very laissez-faire. (He isn't THIS gross, but you know...) Last night he made/attempted to make brownies and then we watched Black Books and fell asleep. It was very relaxed and I missed that casual and fun interaction that we have somehow lost while living together. I'm hoping tonight and in the future we can regain our young, happy, relaxed relationship with each other and forget the chaos that is growing up around us and influencing our moods and behaviours.

ANYWAY tomorrow is Canada Day and Meredith and I have a full day of festivities planned. Step 1) sleep in because its the holiday Step 2) get snacks and sandwiches and go sit in the park Step 3) cross the bridge and check out the Mythical Beasts exhibit at Musee Civ Step 4) buy lemonade from the giant lemon Step 5) find a good spot to chill on The Hill for fireworks.

My professor this morning announced that my 8:30am class on July 2nd has been cancelled so I'm rejoicing because I can actually stay up late. I am not going to go out drinking because its horribly expensive and it will be so busy, but I'm glad that I get sleep-in day TWO!

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