Twitter and facebook are hating me. I not really on the up and up as to why. Facebook won't let me post anything and twitter doesn't even load in my browser and won't let me log on via twitterfox. I tweeted from my cell but no dice. So yeah. The 2.0 has died- finally...

I called my bank to ask about some activity info on my account and to change it to the infinity transations (because I pay twice the price of the acount fee anyway).
The guy I talked to was seriously so dreamy. He sounded like the voiceover guy from the GM Reinvention commercials. ("Down to business indeed.") I almost opened a new savings account because of his delicious man voice. I assume he looks like a mix of Ryan Reynolds and Brad Pitt 15 years ago. (See composite image right.) In reality he's probably a total dweeb.

Anyway, I have to go to the bank and get loonies and then go to the laundromat and do laundry. I probably have like 5 loads of laundry to do. THATS 10 DOLLARS! Oh man... Ryan Pitt/Brad Reynolds- tell me how to SAVE ON EACH TRANSACTION!

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