If you are going to be a "sexy" animal or wear one of the pre-packaged stripper costumes (normally a Disney princess or cop) then we can't be friends. If you wanted to be a whore for Halloween, just dress like one (I suggest red eyeliner for your strawberry fields). If you are sexy or cute or pretty or whatever, you will still look sexy without the cold dead stare of a lost girl who's sold her body/soul to the frat boy with the lowest brow. I love sexy, I love Halloween, and I LOVE sexy Halloween costumes, but that doesn't mean the first costume you find in a novelty shop. Be original, show some personality!

(Ewwwww... wroooong.)

Here are some Halloween costumes that will show some personality and your adorableness/sexiness. (I've left my cute ideas out because they are MIIINE betches!) In the immortal words of Mr. Shuester: We'll get you sobered up... find you some underwear. It's not too late for you...

5. Winchester!

This costume is easy! The boots and collared shirt will sell it, along with Dean's voodoo necklace, some hex bags, a nice big gun, and a duffel bag full of weaponry. Catchphrases: "Look Dean!" and "SAAAAMMMYYYY!!". Bonus points if you get two friends to go as Castiel and Bobby.

4. Xena and/or Gabrielle

Old school sexiness. I have been Xena for more than one Halloween and I'm proud of it! Try to construct one of those crazy throwing/killing discs she carries on her person. If you have a Gabrielle, be sure to give generous butt pats and longing glances.

3. Any Milla Jovovich character!

Not everyone can pull off Leeloo (all the power to you if you can)but Alice is an awesome character that anyone can pull off!

2. Barbarella

This is how to do Halloween sexy! Barbarella is an icon sex symbol with voluminous hair and gigantic ... boots. If you have sweet abs (don't we all) cut a hole in your leotard to show off your belly.

1. Kaylee Fry (Firefly)

Oh my god. If you want to win EVERYONE'S heart (except Simon's) get yourself a khaki boiler suit, a floral print blouse and a tool belt.

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