Hi peeps.
Annie, Alysson and I had a livejournal community set up for us to share our legacies and sims and stuff. Alysson's internet is crappy so she can't troll custom content sites all the time so I have been posting Sims 3 CC finds there. I'm hoping it won't get huge or anything, but if you want to take a peek go ahead. It was a private community but we've decided to make it open but with posting access to just the three of us.

It says "simsTWOboogaloo" because when we started the community there was only sims 2. Now we have sims 3 and we don't really care about the name of the community. Besides Sims3Boogaloo doesn't rhyme.

Anyway here is the crappy header I made and the link to the livejournal community. :)

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