I have just seriously considered trying to tape the beat of a song using only the noise of me crunching on carrots. That is what is happening to my mind right now. I would like to take a break from writing about breasts and bums and vaginas, but it is the bed I made, so I will have to sleep in it too. (Perhaps the breasts and bums and vaginas will be there.) I feel severely exhausted, but it’s starting to become euphoric. A strange smile creeps across my face at random times during the day, probably mostly when I’m sitting alone. I’m also very angry and irritable at the same time. I have no patience for people and things that I normally have patience for. (I’m sure the people who really know me, noticed long ago… Yes, Alysson, I see your looks of amusement when I chew out a thumper. LoL.) But in a week’s time, this strange euphoric irritability will be gone, replaced with my relative patience and political correctness. I hope that some of my less fortunate friends will be able to understand that when people go through stress and exhaustion, they really don’t care if they hurt your feelings or not. (In fact, it feels sort of good, boosts your confidence up at a time when you really have none of it.) That, of course, is no excuse, but I’d like to announce that I see a light at the end of this dizzying and nauseating tunnel, so hopefully I will be out in time for my friends to not believe I’ve turned into a complete and utter cunt. I also maintain the hope that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t some large and frightening vehicle bent on my destruction… That was the tunnel’s intention, it seems.

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