Marie is off in the big world and I already miss her dearly... However I thank her for all the nail polish and other stuff.
Namely the soundtrack for the movie Seven and this other mix type cd with Spice Girls and Jewel (so 90's... I know) on it. Annie and I grooved to the Spice Girls... it was odd.

I am dead tired, but happy. Isn't that the best feeling in the world. I could pass out at any moment, but I have a strange and completely out-of-character moment of pure joy. Maybe it's mood enhancing drugs. Like crack. (Btw Al, thanks sista for hookin' me up.)

Today mom watched a documentary on Chippendale dancers. I walked into her room and she was just sitting and watching them with a glazed over, yet perverted look in her eye. She turned to me and said in a very creepy middle-aged woman sort of way: "I went to see the Chippendales once.... They were so lovely... One sat on my lap..." I'm slightly disturbed, but as Annie says, time to repress another memory.

Mum is taking me shopping tomorrow with Alysson. I hope I get to drive. Actually, it's very snowy out there, so perhaps I don't want to. When driving home from town during a blizzard, my pa turns to take the road that sort of cuts through the mountain instead of going around and up. Of course, it's pure ice and we get about half way up the hill before our tires spin and there is just no way we are moving any farther. I thought to myself: My! Who could have predicted this!?
He likes to take that route because it is a kilometre shorter, and it saves on gas. (We were in the tiny rental car, which was partly accountable for our poor luck on the 90 degree slip-and-slide of death.)

*Sigh* Well, I suppose I better hop into bed on account of my early wakeup call tomorrow. Al, I'll call you before we leave mkay? Or do you want me to call you to wake you up an hour or so beforehand? We are going to pick you up at 10am, so we will probably be leaving here around 9:15-9:30.... Allllrighty then.

It angers me that there are cuffs- No shirt, just cuffs.

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