Well, my family is once again being thrown into a semi-soap opera kind of arena. My mom keeps losing everyone she loves and it's really hard to sit and watch, not being able to do anything. Especially in the delicate circumstance of this newest crises. It seems that everytime she starts to heal from one blow to the soul, another thing comes along and she starts the struggle for her sanity all over again. All I can do is hug her and wipe her tears and give her advice, and I really haven't experienced enough life to give her proper advice, but I just gotta do what I gotta do I guess. This bit of song kind of explains the conflict she is having right now, but you'll really only understand it if you understand the situation, which I'm not going to post for the world to see.

And so once again
My dear Johnny my dear friend
And so once again you are fightin' us all
And when I ask you why
You raise your sticks and cry, and I fall
Oh, my friend
How did you come
To trade the fiddle for the drum
You say I have turned
Like the enemies you've earned
But I can remember
All the good things you are
And so I ask you please
Can I help you find the peace and the star
Oh, my friend
What time is this
To trade the handshake for the fist

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