Yesterday Alysson gave me Open For Business. She and her mother had this big conspiracy planned to make me think they lost it, or she forgot it or something. But it didn't really work. The plan was this: In the morning, when I first got to school, I was going to ask Al for the game. She was going to say no but we can call my mom and get her to bring it in. And we were going to call from my phone and I was going to talk to her and find out that it was broken, or she lost it, or something of that nature. Then I was going to freak out and Al was going to pull it out of her backpack and be like: Surprise!!! But I ruined it.

I didn't even ask first thing in the morning for it. When I did ask, and she said she had to call her mom, I was like: You can just bring it afterschool when you come over tonight.
And then I never mentioned it again. But she gave it to me at lunch. And told me the whole plan. It was funny... I carried it around in my purse all afternoon. Then I played with it a while when I got home. When Al came over we played Kingdom of Hearts. We also watched a few movies and stuff. It'll say in her journal probably but I'm feeling rather ill right now so I'm not going to go into detail.

That's a strange thing. I was just violently ill a few minutes ago, and Al seems to think it's a bizzare combination between Nestea Zero and Kraft Dinner, but food rarely does that to me. It's just as likely that I've got the stomach flu or something. I'm just going to go to bed now and hope that everything is better in the morning. I think I'll watch a movie downstairs too. To help me sleep.

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