My puppy's stomache is growling, so I'll be brief. I can't go to my prom in Picton a) because it's probably going to suck ass and b) because I want to go with my girls in Ottawa and c) because i've already got my ticket in Ottawa. lol

Really though, I'm so damn excited. I could burst. I can't wait to buy the damn dress, I can't wait to pop the damn champagne cork, I can't wait to get into whatever kind of oversized vehicle takes us to the location....

I know I seem like an irritating teenager girl, but in all honesty, it's because I am. Anyone can vouche for me. I don't mind though, this is the last right of passage I wil l have before I am an adult. This is the last shred of true adolesense and childhood that I will be able to share with my cohort. After this it's going to be jobs and university and work and stress and realising that my dreams may be completely unrealistic and my hopes as a child are idiotic and the world is a cruel and melancholy place. I don't want to know that now. I don't accept that. And I won't until I have to face our rank reality for myself. Before I'm starving to death in a gross dorm room with Barbie Undergrad screwing her boyfriend in the room next to me. ("Creak, creak, creak, creak... CREAAAk... sigh.")

Tomorrow Al and I are dressing for semi formal... at school. Mainly because we are totally not going to semi formal tomorrow night. We are staying home and watching horror flicks in our pjs while a hundred girls are being dissapointed about boys not asking them to dance. lol. I'm a little terrified with how the news will be met tomorrow, as we were begged and pleaded to...

I only have a half day tomorrow. Yay.
I hope my mom isn't working the whole day and can pick me up early.
Alysson should be bringing my new Open For Business either in the morning or when she visits me in the afternoon. Either way. Damn! I'm getting it tomorrow.
My mom should be home soon. She will get mad at me for staying up, and then not go to bed for hours herself because she is sinking into the depression caused by losing a loved one.

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