Last night I went to Brenna's and her, Jon, Kat and I had a lovely lovely din din! (Well, Kat missed the dindin bit, but ohwell.) I was actually ecstatic when we got there early and found extra place settings and homecooked food. My heart jumped for joy. I was all, YAY FOOD. For 'zerts we had ice cream! Brenna and Jon made fun of me because of my tragic inability to long divide. Then Brenna broke out the snacks. We Jon had bits and bites and then we I had chips... Then we had mini-quiches and Brenna and I set up 13 Dead End Drive, even though we both knew in our hearts, we couldn't play it. We also watched T3 which hurt Jon's head beause of the horrible physics.

I'm going to watch some tv and go to bed.

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