The problem with blogging is that when things get interesting, you don't get time to write about it," well said Gaiman.

Office Space is on tv! But in french. No fair. How come when we watch a french movie, it's in french with english subtitles, but when the french watch an english movie, it's dubbed??? WhatEVER!

Okay, I know that the writers want to be realistic and stuff, but I can't help but feel that The Office sort of just jumped the shark. I hope I'm wrong, because it's quite honestly my favourite and my life wouldn't be complete without the characters. (Unless Stanleys and Phylises grew on trees... Show me that tree.) But it just seems like Jim is being a dick. I honestly am so mad at him right now. I'm not so much mad at Karen, because it's not her fault, (though I'm not really a huge Karen fan). I'm just so mad at Jim, especially for him essentially blowing Pam off in the break room. I mean, that's their spot. Also, at the end of the episode in the parking lot, why did he say he was "seeing someone"? Because in the last episode Karen wasn't even sure if Jim liked her. Moving kind of fast isn't it? And if he was lying about seeing anyone, then that makes me more of a dick because he's lying to Pam now. Does he even really love this woman, because he sure as hell isn't acting like it! And if he is indeed seeing someone, and it's not Karen or Pam, then I want to slap him across the face. The nads he'd have to have in order to bring some other chick into the mix! GAH! P.S. Hugs for Pam because I love her. If I were her, I'd march right up to Jim and tell him how she feels. She loves him, Jim loves her. What's the problem!? The only loving relationship in this whole show is Phylis and BobVance (of BobVance Refridgeration). Phylis is my homegirl. I need a hug from Phylis. Ok, moving on...Breast pump? Creed? Perfect... Did he take a picture, or what was happening in that tiny little clip?And that poor fat guy. I was mad at Michael, even though I normally love Michael. GAAAH. Okay, everyone comment with what they think is going on. (For those of you who watch the office....) I'm sorry if my post is ranty, but I just had to let it out. That's how I feel, and it might change later after I mull it over a bit. Damn't JIM! I just got a whole slew of icons of you!Sigh. That's better. Now, I have to go play with my newly stickied sticky hand for a bit, do a wee bit of handwash and go to bed. I'll listen to Harry Potter, but I'm on book five, which, as everyone knows, is the angsty book, so that really won't help my anger. P.S. If someone (i.e. Alysson) want's to make their sticky hand sticky again, they have only to soak it in some soapy water and rub it down a bit... then leave it to dry. Poor Sue, she came home and found it floating in the bathroom sink. "That will haunt me forever." Then later, as I stood in her doorway, flinging the sticky hand in to change the pages of the her text book, she gave me a "I should have destroyed that sticky hand while I had the chance" face. lol... P.P.S. I haven't had a good post in a long time and it feels pretty damn good. *sigh*

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