Hello all,

So we are pretty much moved in completely. My dorm keys are handed back and I'm ready to face the world in our little apartment. It is actually the most adorable thing you'll ever see. The walls are very plain and white, but I intend on decorating a lot. Our phone and internet are being hooked up tomorrow and we aren't getting satelite for a month or so. We do have ANTENNA! lol. We get about half a dozen channels, but Meredith and I are big readers, so it works out. AChannel, Global, and CTV are pretty good.

The kittens are being devious and adorable. We have named Boris the ice cream bandit... it's hard to be mad when he leaves little ice cream paw prints EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, on to the pictures of the new apartment (sans bedroom pictures because it just looks like piles of boxes.) Also kitties.

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