• I finished my last exam! WoOT! I got a 65% on a paper, but my prof said she loves me so I can resubmit.
  • Meredith and I made pizza in the new apartment and we learned that the smoke alarm does work. It was hilarious. We used boxes as mini tables and it was sweet.
  • I bought a new fish and named him Tony Danza. (Don't call him Tony, or Danza, or T.D.... Just Tony Danza!)
  • I also bought him a darling new tank with a purpley lid and purpley rocks.
  • I installed The Sims 2 Holiday Edition on Meredith's computer and it runs really well so I'm going to put some more packs on tomorrow hopefully.
  • On Disorderly Conduct a cop got hit by a car and it was hilarious in a Dane Cook way. (Don't look at me like that, he was fine!)
I'm so excited I can barely write a Haiku... Wait, maybe I'll use it as inspiration:

This feeling in me,

Like my chest is gonna burst,
And blow happy chunks!!

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