Smello everyone.

Spy on Ottawa with the following live webcams:

Confederation Park
Parliament Hill
National War Memorial
National Gallery of Canada

I want a room with a whole bunch of big tvs displaying all of Ottawa. I can just look out over the city. I can know when the vendor has fresh veggie dogs ready and then zoom down and get them. Muahhaha.

Also, a panda was born in the San Diego zoo. It's not being named until it's 100 days old. WOOO PANDAS

Gah, I have to get showered, dress, and give the apartment a quick tidy. Meredith cleaned the other day so it's pretty good, but I don't want it to get icky. I dusted the inside of the fan and it was GROSSS! I can't believe we were breathing that crap. Well, I'm off.

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