My mum has been telling me to do this handwriting analysis thing, so I have. The analysis is quite long (for one blog entry anyway) so for those of you who are curious (Mom) I've posted it here. It's like a bloody essay on my personality. Most of it true, thought I don't like to admit it.

For the rest of you, go here to get your handwriting analysis.

Also, here is a painting that I'm working on right now:

The six hearts floating are important. The one she's holding is being let go gently into the waves, sent out into the world. She's afraid she won't get it back in one piece. Totally emo, but totally expressing myself so there.

I still need to do all the wee details. Right now it's just sort of shapes hanging out and stewing together. I really like the linear/blue background and then the curvaceousness of the frothy sea waves and the woman and her hair.

The truth is out now
Written out on the pages
A white void of thought.

Russ! I used VOID in a poem! What do you think that poetry teacher would think about that!?? She can't do anything about it! I'm a POET MAVERICK!

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