Blah, so many of you know that me and my philosophy prof don't get on so well, mainly on account of him being a poor, sad philosophy professor and me... well being the opposite really. He mocks my lifestyle choices and pretty much uses Greek philosophy to validate his own life. In any case, as you can guess whenever he starts lecturing me in front of the class about what Antisthenes would think of my life (and I can tell you, he probably wouldn't think too highly of it) my eyes sort of glaze over and I think about how I am really craving some kind of cola, and when he's done his elitist diatribe I will go to the machine and procure one.

In any case, I do actually enjoy philosophy and I want to do well in the course. So I've been going through old philosophy notes and looking on the internet to get a better understanding of the different schools of thought. Well, being lazy, I ended up on Wikipedia. I realized my mistake the second I looked at the page:


Ok, I like shoes!
I like gadgets and booze!
You are an old fart.

(The sad part is, he isn't even old... maybe early thirties...)

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