Today mom and I went to the Black River Cheese Factory and consumed obscene amounts. I'm going to have freaky-ass dreams. On our way home we saw turkeys and mom had to chase them for a bit. I have video/pictures on my phone but I'm waiting until I get home to upload them. There is a picture of Black River.... And yes, that is the surrounding bits of humanity.

In other news, a neighbouring child came to visit my mom today. It's sooo funny because she totally fits the stereotype of the community witch. The girl, Mikaila, came in and played with the dogs. Then mom fed her fruit and chocolate fudge and stuff and then showed her all the Halloween decorations. It was really adorable but the townsfolk are going to think that she's trying to lure children into her home in order to bake them into pies or cook them in stews. I can just see some parent freaking out when their child tells them:

"Mrs. Stanley gave me this charm to ward of mischievous spirits!"

Another odd thing, their house is SURROUNDED by frogs. Frogs, if you don't know, are excellent news... divination wise. They represent a lot of really wonderful things. Fertility, regeneration, luck, joy...

Tomorrow Annie and I are going to Bergeron's Exotic Animal Sanctuary. It will remind me of Boosh Series 1. I want to work in a zoo I think. Anyway, I thought I'd do a little wildlife photography of the animals here, but they weren't to exciting.... or enthused about me taking their pictures.

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i feel lonely and sad....i dont have any friendzzzz