I went to my parents for a few days and dropped off the internet. I probably gained 10 bloody lbs there, the way they feed me. It's like visiting Paula Dean (MORE BUTTA!)

In other news, I got the job at the Ottawa Jail Hostel. I start this weekend. Woo. The pay is better than I've ever had, which is sweeet. I should be able to pay off most of my student line of credit this summer if I just live off Daddy allowance like I am now and use my pay to make payments (credit, phone, etc).

This thursday I'm getting new sneakers- Note: I love the word "sneaker". (There is a 30% spring sale at Payless! woo! I may get two!) Sort of like the AE Easy Breezy Jogger. I'd rather have more shoe than ballet flat, but you get the idea. If I can help it, I don't want to wear flip flops all summer. They aren't good for your feet, also: ground = DIRTY. Oo, I found these, which I like better. I would get new high tops but I couldn't bring myself to wear anything but my dirty old satin print ones that I got in Tours (French old people Central).

I also want to pop over to Lush to get some new stuff. I still have a lot of Bob left (it's a kind of soap guys) but for summer I'd like a little Lemslip. If I can also find some cheap shirts at the mall, I'll pick those up. All I have for summer/spring are either really slutty tops or really stuffy formal stuff. I don't think there's any kind of dress code so I can wear casual capris and tshirts this summer. Woo. Also I'll mainly be working evenings/nights so it won't be stifling hot. Hopefully.

Meredith and I are starting Series 1 of Torchwood and it's very fun. It's not Doctor Who, but we like it. Plus we think the welsh accent is sort of cute in a dorky way (sorry Welsh people, it is!)

Now back to work. (I'm doing a presentation on Lise Meitner... she's a bombshell. BAHAHAH... google it.)

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