Overheard at UofO is the funniest thing ever. Sometimes, Meredith and I find ourselves on there...

In line at the sketchy Subway on Laurier... two girls commenting on the crazy dance beats in the background.

Girl 1: "Whooaa! Disco party at Subway!
Girl 2: "And I thought this only happened at Shwarma places...!"

Girl 1: Meredith
Girl 2: Me

Today after my witchcraft class I was talking to my prof about nerdy stuff and this totally cute nerd business student in 3rd year joined us and we talked about all sorts of nerdy stuff and anthropology and I was so happy and then when cute nerdy boy and I left I was all: oo, I wonder what way he walks home. But then my heart fell because he was like: Oh no, my ride is waiting for me! And I thought it would be his girlfriend... but it was worse. His MOM came to pick him up. *sigh* Why did he have to be a geeky stereotype? Why?

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