I cleaned up the wishlist section. I got rid of stuff either I've gotten or don't really care much for anymore. I added one thing. Maybe if I have some spare time at some juncture I'll add more stuff.

Sometimes I read my horoscope just to pick out the flattering bits and go "Oooh, that's me!"

Because she is usually so attractive and charming, it is sometimes difficult for men to appreciate the talents and intellect of the typical Libra woman. In many ways she is the most feminine of the zodiacal types. It has been said that although she thinks like a man, she reasons like a woman. These women have a natural ability to make relationships work. Though self-sufficient, they are not happy alone and usually have a partner in their lives.

I swear it says that.

Tonight I'm going out with some gals from work for a birthday dinner and then afterward we are all going to the Orchestra. That being said I better get to sleep so I can be fresh faced and lovely. I have an extra ticket (no "plus one" sadly) but if someone wants to go the orchestra I have an extra ticket. It's at work though, so if you want to go I'd have to call them and see if it has been snatched up yet.

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