On the date board this morning I drew lots of maple leafs and an RCMP mount. Yaay.

In other news, I'm dead tired. My night shift is done in 10 minutes. My train leaves in less than two hours. I think I look/smell/sound less than stellar. All my bones ache and I'm cold and totally forgot to bring a sweater of any kind (its going to be cold on the train.) I'm going to check and see if I brought anything long sleeved for the journey.

Last night Meredith hung out with me on night shift and we ordered some chicken and watched some Doctor Who and suprisingly as a result I got everything done very early and had time to investigate a lost iPod. By investigate I mean explore its contents, look up its serial number (in vain) and then wipe it completely... adding my own stuff of course. It was left without a cable, headphones, etc but luckily it's a nano too. I dont think anyone else has a nano. Anyway, it's been here for two weeks and nobody's touched it. Nobody has made a move to see what's on it, etc. As a result, I'm grifting that moFO.

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