I was supposed to switch over but I fell asleep in the middle of the day and then I couldn't sleep all night. I will try not to sleep until tonight. (Unless I end up actually doing something fun, which I assume with exhaust me to the point of falling asleep anyway.)

I work at 10am tomorrow so hopefully I can switch over before then.

In other news this is what I've done in my hours sitting quietly in my room
  • made cd for my mom
  • trolled countless forums
  • downloaded and subsequently lip synched a great deal of Mama Cass
  • browsed EBay and other often frequented online shopping sites
  • played with cats
  • napped (briefly, for about an hour)
My life is so secure and boring right now. I want to do something crazy to shake it up. Not even crazy, just different. Not even different for regular society, but different for me.

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