Last night the girl working overnight called in sick and the girl with the day off wasn't answering her phone. I was switching to days so I had been awake for about 20 hours already. (With a few hours sleep here and there). Anyway, I was about to go to sleep when work called me and I was like: if you can work a few extra hours I can sleep for 4-5 hours and then come in and cover. What we ended up doing was me going there around 11pm and sleeping there, but putting up the houseparent sign in case of emergency. Then I woke up at 4am to do as much overnight stuff as I could. It was kind of hectic. But now I have another day off (re: today). Hm, what to do? Maybe a picnic? Nap at the park. Sounds nice.

Tomorrow I start my first aid certification. I'm afraid I'll suck at it. I'm totally going to slip the CPR dummy some tongue.

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